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Post Carbon Filter

MRP : Rupees 750*

Reduces unpleasant smell from water and enhances water flavor.

Pre Filter Element

MRP : Rupees 360*

Remove Large visible impurities like dust , dirt etc.

Plus sediment Filter

MRP : Rupees 540*

Effectively reduces various foreign bodies that come from the supplying water pipe such as bits of rust and also protects the membrane. This vastly reduces dirt, sand, rust particles, and other sediment

RO membrane Filter

MRP : Rupees 2,750*

Having pore size of 0.0001 microne, reduces water contaminants like heavy metals,viruses,Arsenic, Lead, Manganese, water borne micro –organisms and made water soft & drinkable.

Pre Carbon Filter

MRP : Rupees 530*

The activated carbon filter reduces harmful organic substances including Trio halo methane, Odor, Volatile organic compounds & chlorine.

MES Filter

MRP : Rupees 1,350*

MES filter serves the purpose and adds minerals to water after filtration.