Washing Machines Accessories

Fill Hose Extn. (Lip Seal)

MRP : Rupees 570*

Help to extend the length of Fill Hose

Wash Bag Premium

MRP : Rupees 275*

Keeps your laundry organised. It also helps separate small clothing and stops them from tangling.


MRP : Rupees 170*

Keeps your washing machine as good as new from the inside! Simply run a dummy cycle with Scalegon added to water and Scalegon will remove any scale that may have formed, improving performance and leaving a nice fresh fragrance as well!


MRP : Rupees 170*

Meant for fully automatic washing machines, Calfre keeps the washing machine sparkling like new by preventing scale formation. Just add this eco-friendly formulation to the detergent while washing clothes and experience the maginc of Calfre.

Washing Machine Covers

MRP : Rupees 535*

Enhances your washing machine's life by protecting it from dust and humidity.


MRP : Rupees 900*

Gives your Appliance round the clock protection against High/Low Voltage fluctuations. Suitable for Appliances upto 6 Amp rating. To be used in non-heater models.

Washer cleaner

MRP : Rupees 600*

Washer cleaner gets under residue, breaks it up, and washes it away leaving the washer smelling fresh and clean.


MRP : Rupees 1,865*

Keeps your clothes colorful by improving your detergent's performance. This magnetic water energizer also reduces the hardness of water to give better wash quality.



  • Key Parameters / Features Technical Specification
  • Working Voltage Range 160-260± 10V
  • Capacity 6Amps
  • High Voltage Cutoff 260± 10V
  • Low Voltage Cutoff 160± 10V
  • Time Delay No
  • Application Appliance upto 6Amps rating.