Built In Microwave hood Combination from Whirlpool India
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Microwave Hood Combinations

MH 46 700 GS (70 Cm)
MRP : Rupees 29,990*

51 L Cavity

High Suction Power

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Microwave Hood Combinations
  • Clean Release Interior
    This is industry's first Microwave oven with CleanRelase Interiors that requires no special cleaning solutions or chemicals – a damp cloth or a sponge is all that's needed to clean the spills and splashes after your last meal. The silver metallic, non-stick interiors makes cleaning quick and easy.
    51L Cavity Space
    Whirlpool MHC offers the highest cavity space, amongest all microwave ovens selling in india. This ensures that the gadget can take care of all your cooking tasks with ease.
  • 1000 Watts Cooking Power
    SWith up to 1,000 watts of cooking power, Whirlpool Microwaves offer the flexibility you need to cook all types of food, quickly and easily.
Key Innovative Features
  • India's Only MHC
    This unique & innovative Microwave & Hood Combination (MHC) combines the functionality of two appliances microwave and hood, while taking the space of just one.
    Dazzling Looks
    Stainless steel exteriors ensure that MHC merges with your kitchen decor perfectly.