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230 I-Magic 5DG(215 Ltr)

Single Door - 230 I-Magic 5DG(215 L)
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New Design

Attractive new design makes Icemagic the cynosure of your home!

Advanced Air-flow System

Innovation in the shelf design allows for better air-flow at the back through special air-pockets called the ‘Advanced air-flow’ system; Optimum cooling throughout the refrigerator ensures your vegetables and fruits remain fresh – Sunday to Sunday!

Unique Utility Drawer

10 L of non-refrigerated space under the refrigerator for easy storage. It is ideal for storing vegetables/eatables which do not require refrigeration like potatoes, onions and garlic etc

Extra Shelf Space

Icemagic with three shelves gives you extra space to store!

Toughened Glass shelves

Store big containers without worry inside your Icemagic

Twin Crisper

Dedicated zones for storing soft and hard vegetables in the refrigerator making it easier to stock and access vegetables

Colors available


BEE Rating: rating (*Rating as per 2014)
  • 10 Year Warranty On Compressor Only

    10 Year Warranty On Compressor Only

    Enjoy years after years of performance as Whirlpool now gives a 10 year warranty on compressor of Refrigerator.
    Toughened Glass shelves

    Toughened Glass shelves

    Store heavy containers on the durable glass shelves that do not break even from a 5-foot-high fall
  • Dry Storage

    Dry Storage

    Additional 10L of dry storage space for non-refrigerated items like options, potatoes, etc. ensures not only hygiene but also increases the height of the refrigerator
    Twin Crisper

    Twin Crisper

    Separate compartments for leafy & other kinds of vegetables that help maintain freshness and let you manage space better