The Brand

Whirlpool, the World's no. 1 home appliance company, has a heritage of 100 years, a rich international experience and millions of happy consumers. The company has built an ecosystem which is not just large, but all pervasive.

This enormous success comes from an enduring brand vision and belief system that drives the company all over the world.

The Whirlpool Brand is the epitome of this vision and brand belief. It is the symbolic representative of the spirit that drives us, that resonates with our consumers and which inspires us to be consistent with what we do best.

The foundation of this vision and belief lies in the in-depth understanding of the deepest needs of the consumer. And this necessitates an evolution of the brand vision and belief with the constantly evolving consumer.

Brand Vision

Creating happier homes

Whirlpool believes that happier homes are the foundation to a better world. The quality of life at home makes it a pool of energy that acts as a springboard to all good things in life.

Whirlpool aspires to continuously contribute to this source of happiness, the home, by delivering more than expected performance through its product and services, performance that delivers not just convenience but qualitatively a better experience to improve quality of life.

Thus the brand vision is to create better homes, better lives & a better world – a world we all want to live in.