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Washing Machines Accessories

  • Fill Hose Extn. (Lip Seal)

    Help to extend the length of Fill Hose

    MRP : Rupee 570*
  • Wash Bag Premium

    Keeps your laundry organized. It also helps separate small clothing and stops them from tangling.

    MRP : Rupee 275*
  • Scalegon (Pack of 3 nos)

    Keeps your washing machine as good as new from the inside! Simply run a dummy cycle with Scalegon added to water and Scalegon will remove any scale that may have formed, improving performance and leaving a nice fresh fragrance as well!

    MRP : Rupee 570*
  • Calfre

    Meant for fully automatic washing machines, Calfre keeps the washing machine sparkling like new by preventing scale formation. Just add this eco-friendly formulation to the detergent while washing clothes and experience the magic of Calfre.

    MRP : Rupee 190*
  • Washing Machine Covers

    Enhances your washing machine's life by protecting it from dust and humidity.

    MRP : Rupee 600*
  • Washer cleaner

    Washer cleaner gets under residue, breaks it up, and washes it away leaving the washer smelling fresh and clean.

    MRP : Rupee 600*
  • Calstrait

    Keeps your clothes colorful by improving your detergent's performance. This magnetic water energizer also reduces the hardness of water to give better wash quality.

    MRP : Rupee 1,950*
  • I GLYDE Adjustable Trolley

    Ensures mobility and space beneath your washing machine for easy cleaning. Suitable for all semi-automatic and fully automatic top loading washing machines.

    MRP : Rupee 2,000*
  • Modular Base Trolley

    Makes those hard to reach corners easy to maintain. Just wheel your washing machine away with the modular trolley. Size can be adjusted to fit washing machines of all sizes. Suitable for all semi-automatic and fully automatic top loading washing machines.

    MRP : Rupee 1,400*
  • Utility Tray

    Better space management; Easy to fix ; Use to keep detergent.

    MRP : Rupee 375*
  • WhizPro Liquid Detergent

    An advanced detergent that washes, brightens and even softens your clothes. The WhizPro detergent comes with special additives that ensure your clothes feel softer after washing.

    MRP : Rupee 225*
  • Lint Roller

    A 3M Product which removes lints,pet hairs etc from the Clothes

    MRP : Rupee 300*

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