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Spicing things up with Chef Kunal Kapur!

Cooking is love made edible. Don’t you agree? We all dream of being great cooks – from watching unlimited food shows to reading recipes, we want our food to be the best. We want the best of appliances in our kitchen for great results. But is our kitchen cooking ready? Do you have the best rec... Read More

This Year, Make All Your Resolutions Come True

The new year is a reason for hope and brings along the long standing tradition of making new year resolutions! While the resolutions are followed in the beginning, busy schedules and workloads soon get in the way. We are here to help! Whirlpool appliances come with the guarantee of unmatched quality... Read More

How To Make Your Woollen Garments Delight You For Life

Imagine asking a friend politely –"That is a nice sweater! Where did you buy it from?" To your disbelief, pat comes the reply- "Oh! I don't remember now. I bought it four years ago." There is a reason why you would find it hard to believe the sweater is four years old. Because we all know ho... Read More

Want An Extra Dose Of #WeddingDelights? Here Are 5 Simple Ways

Tying the knot and sharing your life with someone special is an indescribable feeling. The new beginning is full of excitement, special moments and brings with it a promise of happy times. However, once you start settling into routine, managing daily chores, work and still making time for each other... Read More