Vegetable Mac n Cheese – Microwave Recipe

Wow, with winter around one truly craves to have something cheesy and smoking hot. So here we bring to you this easy to make “Mac n Cheese” recipe which cannot be a treat for you but would also be...
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Oat cookies – Microwave Recipe

The word “Cookies”; when heard, simply accentuate our taste buds to an altogether another level. Hence, enriched with the goodness of generous butter, oats and almonds, you will definitely love to...
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Salt Encrusted Fish – Microwave Recipe

Whole fish baked inside a salt-crust leaving all the flavours intact. Perfect for a lunch when you want to impress your friends with fancy technique! Recipe by Chef Michael Swamy, using the Whirlpo...
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Spiced Apple Cake – Easy Microwave Recipe

You can’t make a good cake in a combination microwave, right? Wrong! Try this recipe for soft spongy cake reminiscent of a good apple pie and you’ll see for yourself! Recipe by Chef Michael Swa...
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Stuffed Roast Chicken – Microwave Recipe

Ah!! Stuffed Roasted Chicken…. What would be best than easily and simply cooking this enchanting recipe at your place rather than going out for dining? Yes with Whirlpool Jet C Nutritech Microwave O...
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Thai Inspired Trail Mix – Microwave Recipe

Make this delicious healthy trail mix to munch on when you go on your next trek or picnic. Try other flavour combinations using spices and herbs of your choice. Recipe by Chef Michael Swamy, using ...
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Water Chestnut & Tofu Dimsums – Microwave Recipe

A healthy steamed snack made with a flavourful mix of crunchy water chestnuts, silken tofu and burnt garlic. Recipe by Chef Michael Swamy, using the Whirlpool Jet C Nutritech Microwave....
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Holiday Cooking – 3 Easy Oven Recipes to try Today!

It is that time of the year when food tastes the best and you can eat guilt free. Its holiday season, the season of joy! And what could be more joyous than sharing a yummy feast with friends and famil...
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10 things your Microwave can Actually do!

Busy lifestyles have made Microwave a part of our daily lives. Today, for anything related to cooking we have microwave ovens on our side. But there is a lot more than cooking that your Microwave can ...
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Whirlpool Built In Oven made me a Perfect Host !

An oven is one of the most loved gadgets of a modern kitchen. In this busy life when time is always a crunch, oven is no less than a boon, it won’t be wrong to call it best buddy device that can n...
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