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How to Keep Your Veggies Fresh for Longer

We know enough about the benefits of including fresh vegetables in our daily diet, don’t we? But once you’ve bought your veggies, do you know how long you can really keep them fresh? When vegetables get stale, not only do they lose their taste but also most of their nutrients. Naturally, they aren’t going to benefit you very much then. So what can you do to ensure your greens and other veggies stay fresh for longer? Take a look at these simple tips that will do the trick.

As soon as you bring home fresh produce from the market, ensure that you sort it all out and store them in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. The new range of Whirlpool three-door World Series frost-free refrigerators are equipped with unique 6th Sense ActiveFresh technology, that will keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

Sorting tip: Root veggies like potatoes and onions should be stored unwashed until they need to be used. Sort them properly to pick out the spoilt ones and then store them in a cool, dark but well-ventilated place.

Your leafy greens will require an immediate pre-wash in cold water. If you’re not preparing a meal with these leaves immediately, make sure to air dry them and separate the rotten or damaged leaves before you store them. If the leaves are stashed away wet, they are likely to decay faster.

Thank god for the Fresh Keeper in the Whirlpool Protton World Series three-door refrigerators; it reduces the oxidation process of the vegetables and slows down decaying, thus keeping your veggies fresh for longer.

Remember that it’s best if you keep different vegetables separately, so that they do not affect each others freshness. Also, storing fruits and veggies in the same space may not be the best idea. Fruits give out a high level of ethylene, a gas that can enhance ripening and result in the spoiling of the vegetables around them.

While storing vegetables in the refrigerator, put them in mesh zipper bags meant for this purpose. Perforated plastic bags that allow your veggies to breathe will also do just fine.

Now we all know how vegetables can dry up over time in the cold, dry refrigerator atmosphere. But fret not. The 6th Sense ActiveFresh technology in Whirlpool Protton World Series of three-door refrigerators will prevent loss of moisture. These refrigerators are equipped with High Moisture Retention Technology that helps maintain optimum temperature in the vegetable compartment, keeping your greens fresh for over a week.

Follow these tips to stay healthy and fresh, just like your veggies!

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