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How to reduce Your Refrigerator’s Energy Cost

Household appliances account for a lot of energy consumption and refrigerators lead the pack. They are an integral part of every home, however, it is important to understand that they also make up for a big portion of the electricity bills especially in summers. Whether the refrigerator is a latest energy efficient model or a decade old system, you can still reduce the cost of running your fridge by taking some simple measures –

  1. It’s easy for hot air to get inside if the refrigerator door is open for long, and that makes the refrigerator spend all its energy cooling it down
  2. Everything including food should not be touching the back wall inside the refrigerator as it affects the cooling cycle which further results in loss of energy. Prolonged contact with the wall can also damage the veggies in the fridge
  3. Keeping warm food material in the refrigerator will definitely make it work harder and spend more energy.It’s always advisable to cool the food to the room temperature before putting it inside the refrigerator as it also cuts down the chances of the bacterial growth in food
  4. So, do you already have your tomorrow’s dinner ingredients in the freezer? Put them in the fridge today, and let them thaw slowly. Also, the slowly thawed will taste better any day
  5. Built-up frost and ice reduce energy efficiency significantly over time. The same goes for your freezer; defrost it when frost build-up is getting noticeable
  6. The light bulbs in refrigerators are normally luminescent bulbs that produce more heat than light hence, LED Bulbs are generally suitable for a refrigerator
  7. Place your fridge away from your oven, stove top, radiator or other heat sources, and make sure there are a few inches of space around it
  8. There should be enough flow of air around the refrigerator. So much dust and dirt gets trapped behind your refrigerator and this collects on the condenser coils. Once you’ve cleaned them off, the heat from your refrigerator will be able to be carried away without as much resistance, making your cycles run for a shorter period of time

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