The Perfect Wedding Gift Guide

Posted by Whirlpool India November 9, 2016


We all have that one friend. A friend who is a fitness freak. A friend who loves to show off his cooking expertise. A friend whose day goes well only if she has had a good breakfast. A friend who believes that conversations don’t begin unless one has a hot cup of tea in their hand.

Now that your friend is all set for the nuptial, we are guessing there is probably one question weighing on your mind: What should you give the happy couple? And while you pick the perfect gifts, make sure you think about their passion, personality and hobbies. It would also be smart to confirm in advance if they already own something similar to the gift you have planned. Apart from these efforts, there is just one more thing you need to put in, lots of love!

To assist you through this gift-giving conundrum, we’ve got the perfect gift guide for you to delight your loved ones.

For The Health Conscious Friend

Health Conscious Friend

Remember that friend who would postpone plans so that she didn’t have to miss her workout session? Now when you have to pick a gift for her, what better than something that is fit for her passion! Be it a yearlong membership at a nearby gym for the couple or the mountain bike that she always wanted to own, you must keep in mind her lifestyle before you decide on the gift. You could also get her an online subscription or books on healthy cooking along with a Whirlpool slow juicer that maintains the vitamins and nutritional properties of any kind of fruits and vegetables juice and also ensures maximum extraction!

Now that you have some good options that would make the perfect gift, all that remains is to go and pick one!


For The ‘I Am The Chef’ Friend

I am chef friend

Office lunches would never be the same without this culinary enthusiast! For all the times that he has tried his hands at the new pie recipe or made his version of the strawberry cheesecake, he deserves a gift that complements his skills! You can bring a smile on his face by enrolling him for a sought after couples cookery class and as you pick an appliance to go along, take a look at the new Whirlpool hand blender that can be used for slicing, shredding, chopping, blending and even whisking. It surely is a good assistant for any home chef and more so, makes the perfect gift!


For The Breakfast Loving Friend

I eat American Breakfast Only

That friend who could go on and on about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, is tying the knot. Here’s what you can consider for a gift he would cherish – get the couple a coupon wherein they can go for breakfast buffets to different eating joints every weekend for a month. And for the days they can’t, get them a Whirlpool pop-up toaster with 8 toast browning options that can also be used to heat, defrost and keep warm bagels, toasts, pastries, sandwiches and more. After all, buttered crisp toasts topped with baked beans or Indian style potato grill sandwich can make anyone’s day!


For The Tea Lover Friend

Tea Lover Friend

This one is the easiest of the lot. You can handpick merchandise and souvenirs from places that are sure to be loved by tea-lovers. Also, a must-have for those who invite friends over for long chats and lovely tea is a good digital kettle. Get them the Whirlpool digital kettle and they can enjoy different types of tea that taste best at specific temperatures, a perfect wedding gift right there!



So, this wedding season, no matter what the lovely couple might enjoy, we’ve got a little something to delight them with. Go ahead and let the gifting begin!

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