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Whirlpool Built In Oven made me a Perfect Host !

An oven is one of the most loved gadgets of a modern kitchen. In this busy life when time is always a crunch, oven is no less than a boon, it won’t be wrong to call it best buddy device that can not only prepare the food in a few minutes but also retain its nutritional value without compromising on taste.

Being a working woman takes much of extra efforts and patience to shoulder the dual responsibility with full enthusiasm. Mornings are hectic and evenings all the more tiring and busy. Right from helping the kids with their homework to preparing evening snacks and dinner, time hardly gives you any opportunity to enjoy a few moments with friends and family.

Few months back we shifted to a new apartment. Over all these years I had been using a counter top convection microwave but with the swanky new kitchen I decided to invest in a built in oven and keep the counters free. I’m glad I chose Whirlpool. The elegantly styled Whirlpool built in ovens not only matches the modern look of the kitchen but its generous capacity has made both my everyday cooking and party cooking fun.  Hectic evenings have become much easier leaving a lot more space and time for myself. Can you believe with my Whirlpool built in oven I am able to pamper my family and friends with a 3-course meal of their choice. The three different shelf positions are an added USP. Whirlpool built in oven is India’s only 6th sense oven with Intuitive cooking technology which automatically senses weight and adjusts cooking time hence enabling absolute hassle free cooking. Its Cook 3 Feature gives me the liberty to cook  3 different dishes at the same time without mixing the flavor and aroma of each other.

Whirlpool built in oven give modern look to your kitchen

Till few months back getting friends together for a dinner party was no less than a week’s planning , with extensive time required for cooking a variety of foods it was just impossible to host a party on a weekday, toiling for hours in the kitchen tending to simmering curries , manually maintaining the right flame for roasting vegetables and keeping a keen eye over the grilling kebabs took much of my time but Whirlpool built in oven has absolutely changed the scenario, a couple of hours is just what I need to throw up a party now. Its large 4”Monochromatic LCD display is nothing less than a robot , it ensures that I get all the information and feedback from the machine before, during and after usage and its  anti fingerprint nano coating ensures that it looks spotless and new every time.

Now planning a menu and calling up friends takes more time than actual cooking. Every party is better than the previous one with several crowd pleasing fancy recipes and the best part is like a good host I am always around my guests.

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