Discover How Your Microwave Oven Can Surprise You!

Discover How Your Microwave Oven Can Surprise You!

Microwave ovens have made our lives a lot easier—a versatile appliance that offers a whole range of use cases. Providing us with enhanced convenience, they have become a must-have in our busy lives. But chances are that your microwave oven is under-utilized. If you are using your ovens only to reheat leftovers, now is the time to tap into its awesomeness. Besides heating, there is so much your microwave oven can do for you!
Read on for some incredible ways to use your microwave oven.

Easing various kitchen tasks
Peeling garlic can be tiresome and time-consuming. An easy way out is to microwave the full head of garlic for 20 seconds, and then peel it apart. The steam inside your oven breaks the chemical bond between the skin and the garlic, enabling you to peel it off without using a knife. Your microwave oven can also help you roast these garlic too. Just season your garlic, cover it in a microwave-safe plastic wrap and place it inside. In eight minutes, you will be done. Similarly, after peeling off the outer layer, microwave your onions for about 30 seconds and cut it without worrying about tears.

Your go-to disinfectant
The kitchen sponge might be the dirtiest item in the house. However, if you microwave your sponge for about two minutes, it can kill many types of bacteria. Make sure you have thoroughly soaked the sponge before placing it in a bowl inside your microwave.

Toasty nuts in seconds
Rather than using the stove top, you can roast your nuts in the microwave oven which gives you even results, even with a larger batch. Just place the nuts on a microwave-friendly plate, sprinkle spice of your choice and microwave it for 30 to 60 seconds. You toasted nuts are ready!

Get the most out of your citrus
Your microwave oven can make citrus fruits juicier. When you take a lemon or an orange from the refrigerator, don’t juice it immediately. Instead, microwave the fruits for 20 seconds. This hack will help you get more juice out of them.

De-crystalizing honey
Have you struggled with solidified honey? Your microwave oven offers the ideal solution. All you need to do is pop the bottle of solidified honey in your microwave oven with its lid open, heat it for about a minute and your honey is back to how it was when you purchased it.

An easy prep for your stove top dishes
With a microwave oven, you can save your prep time for dishes you will cook on the stove. For instance, herbs. Microwave fresh herbs such as rosemary, oregano, and thyme for a minute or two, and then grind them to make your own spice mixes—an excellent way to ensure that your herbs don’t go bad.

Soaking beans
Cooking beans for a meal means soaking them a night before. But even if you forget to do that, your microwave oven will ensure that your beans are ready for lunch or dinner. Put your dried beans in the microwave oven with three cups of water for every one cup of beans and microwave them for 15 minutes. You can now use them to cook your dish.

Steam them up
Steaming your vegetables in the microwave oven is the perfect way to make sure that your vegetables remain crisp and retain their nutrients. You can steam anything you want—broccoli, carrots, peas, or a mix of your favourite veggies.

An indispensable part of daily life
Your microwave oven is a versatile kitchen appliance, offering a plethora of benefits. Not only can you whip us some easy-to-make meals, but this handy equipment also helps you with a whole lot more. If you are still thinking of buying one, it’s the right time to make that jump. Ease your worries and opt for Whirlpool’s range of microwave ovens which come with an exhaustive list of features such as Steam Technology, 6th Sense Weight Sensor, and non-stick coating for optimum cleaning. Enjoy the crispiness with Whirlpool microwave ovens that are equipped with 6th Sense Crisp and Bake Technology, enabling you to enjoy crisper food in only two minutes. You also benefit from its 3D Distribution. With equal distribution of heat, you get your perfectly steamed vegetable at a reduced cooking time.

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