Experience Better Laundry Days with these Simple Hacks

Experience Better Laundry Days with these Simple Hacks

Compared to a few decades back when laundry had to be done with hands, the process has become much simpler. All you must do is toss your clothes into the washing machine and they come out clean. But every once in a while, we have all searched for quick laundry hacks some time or the other – maybe when you had shrunken your favourite sweater or when the stubborn stains refused to leave your white clothing. To help you navigate through an endless list of laundry hacks on the internet, we have rounded the top few that actually work. They will save you time, help your clothes last longer, and maybe even prevent a laundry mishap.

1. Filling it to the brim
Waiting for a larger batch of clothes means you can postpone your laundry day. But overloading your machine could work against you in the long run. So, lighten the load for your clothes to have more space to move around and come out squeaky clean.

2. Keep the door open
Front-loading washing machines can, at times, tap moisture and bacteria around the door which may lead to an unpleasant smell. To keep your equipment and clothes bacteria-free, leave the door open after every wash cycle for the area to dry. You can close it again after a few hours.

3. Laundry magic with vinegar
It is time to make distilled white vinegar your laundry companion. It really can work some magic with your towels that have seen better days. Try adding in a cup of white distilled vinegar and running on a hot cycle to bring them back to life.

4. Washing your whites
Few simple habits can go a long way in ensuring that your white clothing stays in its pristine condition for the years to come. One way to ensure this is to wash your whites with other white clothes. This will prevent colours from your non-white clothes to seep into your whites. For effective cleaning, you can opt for a hot water wash. Whirlpool washing machines come equipped with 3 different water temperatures- warm, hot, and allergen free- to offer you a customised washing experience.

5. Stain removal 101
Even if you do your laundry right, there are times when some stains refuse to go. But do not fret. There are ways to even get stubborn stains off. Take lipstick stains, for instance. Dab onto the stain with the soft-middle portion of a slice of bread. Then wash the garment in your washing machine as you normally do. Similarly, blood stains can be easily taken care of by applying a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and washing powder. Or you can simply opt for Whirlpool’s range of washing machines that thoroughly remove up to 50 tough stains.

6. Dry it faster
The fastest way to speed up the drying process involves a clean towel. Throw this into the tumble dryer with your wet laundry during the spin cycle. It will absorb the added moisture and dry your clothes faster. You can make use of Whirlpool washing machines that come equipped with four levels of spin-drying speed – strong, normal, gentle, and free spin.

7. Mesh bags to the rescue
With mesh bags, you never have to wonder where that one sock went in the washing machine. Simply place all your small clothing items in these bags and toss them in your washing machine.

8. Zip it up
If you have put trousers and jeans with your laundry load, make sure the zippers are all the way up before you toss them in. Loose zippers can snag delicate clothing and damage the doors of front-loading washing machines.

9. Turn them inside out
Multiple rotations in your washing machine cause friction between clothing. This can further cause printed graphics from clothing to fade and may cause pilling on wool or silk. An easy way out of this dilemma is to turn your clothes inside out.

10. Machine care
A dirty washing machine is likely to blame for that stale musty smell on your just-washed laundry batch. Even though you rely on your washing machine to clean your clothes, it also needs to be cleaned to do the job well. One of the easiest ways to do this is to run an empty hot cycle once a month.

For better laundry days ahead
You are not alone in hating laundry days. But with these easy hacks, you can spend less time doing your laundry and more time doing things you love. For an enhanced washing machine, choose Whirlpool washing machines which come equipped with a number of features. Additionally, enjoy a cut in your energy costs with Whirlpool’s 5-star energy rating.

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