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Built in Dishwasher
  • 6TH SENSE Technology

    2sensors together with an optical indicator measure the water turbidity and dirt every 90 seconds. Unique 6TM SENSE Technology automatically adjusts the wash cycle to the level of turbidity and soiling.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Cutting Edge Technology Supperior Performance

  • Flexi Space 3rd Rack

    For maximum flexibility in the management of space, the Whirlpool dishwashers are equipped with a 3rd rack ideal for cutlery and small dishes, creating 15% more space. The cutlery basket can be removed when it is not used to obtain more space for dishes. Even the other baskets are modular, with inserts and the drum unit that can be raised or lowered according to need.

  • Power Clean

    6TH SENSE PowerClean Technology activates the sensors automatically. Prompting a fixed angle water spray device in the back of the tub to scour away the toughest soil without any scrubbing.

Energy Efficiency

Highly energy-efficient, meaning lower running costs and lower energy bills.

Tabs "All In one"th

It is an option that allows you to use all type of Multi-purpose cleaning tablets for dishwashers in the best way possible. Simply select this option when using the tablets and the dishwasher will adapt to it in order to obtain an optimum cleaning and drying results.

Crystal 40th

Wash the most fine glassware, fine porcelain and very fragile loads.

Rapidplus 30

For lightly soiled loads, complete the washing cycle in 30 minutes, and save up to 30% water and up to 35% electricity.

Fast Everyday

In all those occasions when you need speed! Finally a daily wash cycle at 600C for a full load to wash everything in just 80 minutes. A perfect washing result in less time.


A washing cycle that's meant for the time you rest – especially at night. It works extremely quietly at only 39db, thanks to a wash at 550C at reduced pressure. So while you switch it on, you can switch yourself off.


Exclusive antibacterial program which guarantees absolute hygiene, eliminating 99.9999% of bacteria on the dishes, without need for additional detergents.


The upper basket is for a reduced load consists of delicate and lightly soiled dishes, lower rack is meant for particularly dity load. The intelligent multi zone function allows you to choose zone based washing. Choosing it will automatically increase the strength of the jets by 20% in the lower rack, ensuring unmatched washing of dishes.

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