Built in Hobs
  • Beautiful Shine That will Never Fade
    Traditional stainless steel hobs may become dull and discoloured through exposure to high cooking temperatures, while the use of abrasive detergents and sponges can scratch and oxidise the surface. Ixelium retains its shine and beauty over time. Even at high temperatures, its appearance remains unchanged, with no dullness or yellowing.
  • Scratch Resistance
    When samples are scratched with increasing grades of pencil hardness, ixelium displays a resistance to scratching equivalent to 15 levels more than a traditional stainless steel hob.
  • High Temperature Resistance
    Even after exposure to 3150C heat for one hour, Whirlpool ixelium hobs resists yellowing 6 times better than a traditional steel hob.
  • Corrosion Resistance
    In a testing lab with humid atmosphere and very high saline concentration, the resistance to corrosion of ixelium is 6 times higher than that of a traditional stainless steel hob. Unaffected by chemical agents or mechanical actions, the perfect appearance of the ixelium surface is guaranteed to last.
Overview ( Preserve What's Good In Your Food )
Easy to Clean Environmentally Friendly

Some of the hobs have ixelium surface, that has a special property that enables removal of even stubborn dirt using only natural, non-aggressive detergents. This not only saves you considerable time and effort, it also reduces the ecological damage caused by conventional cleaning products.

Max Resistance In Every Test

Independent tests have demonstrated that ixelium has far superior resistance to yellowing, scratching and corrosion than a tradition stainless steel hob.

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