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Built In Steam Ovens

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Built in Steam ovens
  • Perfect For Heating The Dishes
    Whirlpool steam ovens are also ideal for heating dishes. The finishing function delicately heats precooked foods eliminating the risk of dehydrating the food.
  • Elegant Design
    The steam ovens have a unique design, in perfect aesthetic alignment with traditional ovens and microwaves on Glamour line. They represent an attractive enhancement to any kitchen environment.
6TH SENSE Technology

The Steam oven combines the power of steam with the intelligence of 6th SENSE Technology. The sensors determine the right amount of steam to enter in the cavity, at the correct temperature and to the appropriate time. The furnace allows combination of steam and traditional cooking, ensuring the dishes to be tender and juicy on the inside yet perfectly crispy on the outside. The food offers an attractive appearance, unsurpassed taste and complete nutrition by preserving all the vitamins and minerals.

Big Room For Creativity

The generous 34 litres cavity offers all the nescessary space for fooking dishes of different sizes and formats. You can take advantage of the entire cavity by choosing from amongst the various shelves available.

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