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washer and dryers


Washing temperature can now be reduced down to 15°C with same washing and cleaning performance as at 40°C. thus helping in preserving colours of the fabric

washer and dryer


Thanks to the Wave Motion technology, Whirlpool’s washers not only treat your clothes more delicately, leaving fewer wrinkles, they are also more effective at removing humidity.

washing machines dryers

OF 10 KG

Redesigned interiors to fit laundry load up to max 10 kgs, so you can wash any load you like. Fewer cycles are needed to wash your laundry, saving you time and energy. And more space also means less stress and better care for your clothes.


A+++ Energy efficiency helps save on energy bill and protects the environment, yielding unparalleled energy efficiency. It saves up to 80% energy as compared to washers with 40°C washing temperature.

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