Front Load Condenser Dryer : DSCX 80118 (8 Kg)

Front Load Condenser Dryer : DSCX 80118
Front Load Condenser Dryer : DSCX 80118

Front Load Condenser Dryer : DSCX 80118 (8 Kg)


Key Features

  • 6TH SENSE® Sensor Technology
  • Condenser Dryer
  • Anti-Crease Function
  • Higher Capacity of 8 Kg


European Design & Make stackable-washer-and-dryers


Designed & manufactured in Europe, Whirlpool Washing machine brings you the best in class European Design & technology. The chic styling will lend an aura of elegance to your home and make washing a delightful experience.

6th Sense Sensor Technology stackable-washer-and-dryers

6TH SENSE® Sensor

Special sensors monitor the humidity levels and automatically adjust the drying cycle and energy to prevent overdrying(a common cause of creasing) and reduce ironing. By optimising the drying cycle, Whirlpool 6th SENSE© helps to protect your clothes and save you time and energy.

Condenser Dryer stackable-washer-and-dryers


Condenses the moisture in clothes into water which is then pumped to the water tank or a container through the hose. This type of arrangement is ideal for flats and apartments.

Anti-Crease Function stackable-washer-and-dryers


The anti-crease option prevents the load from setting after the program has ended, so that your laundry comes out crease-free even if you don't remove it from the dryer immediately.

Higher Capacity of 8 Kg stackable-washer-and-dryers


Redesigned interiors to fit laundry load up to max 8 kgs, so you can dry any load you like. Fewer cycles are needed to dry your laundry, saving you time and energy.

And more space also means less stress and better care for your clothes.

LED Smart Touch Display stackable-washer-and-dryers


LED Touch display for superior user experience.

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Name of the Product Front Load Condenser Dryer : DSCX 80118
Net Quantity 1 N
Model DSCX 80118
Description Condenser Dryer
Aesthetics Glamour
Energy Efficiency Class B
Type of Display LED
Current (A) 10
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Gross Weight (kg) 42.0
Drum Material Hybrid Stainless Steel
Drum Volume (Ltr) 121.0
Overdry Protection Yes
Digital Countdown Indicator Yes
End of Cycle Indicator Yes
Reverse Tumble Action Yes
Additional Reversing Yes
Drying Process Automatic Tumble Dryer
Adjustable Dryness Levels Yes
Capacity Cotton (kg) 8.0
Anti-Crease Function Available
Dryer Type Condenser
Display Drying Levels Yes
Gentle Yes
Energy Consumption Annual kWh/Annum 283
Key Lock Yes
Rapid Cotton Yes
Control Panel U2 Text Display
Start Delay Options Continuous
Finish on Time Yes
Bulkhead Material Al-Zn
Airing program min Yes
Delicates Cycle Yes
Heat Exchanger Yes
Drying Time Selector Yes
Bottle Top
Jeans Yes
Heater Type Electric
Mix Programs Yes
Number of Cotton Programs 2
Type of Control Setting and Signalling Devices LED
Number of Easy Care Programs 1
Door Aesthetic Glass
Silk Yes
Knob Black & Silver
Sport Yes
Option Buttons Black & Chrome
Start Button Silver
Length of Electrical Supply Cord (cm) 150
6th Sense / Dynamic Intelligence Sensor
Anti-Crease Led Yes
Blocked Filter Indicator Yes
Clean Heat Exchanger Yes
Clean HX Filter Indicator Yes
Depth with Open Door 90 Degree (mm) 1113
Opening Angle 140
Digital Display SD Yes
Drying Level Leds Yes
Top Material Laminated
Type of Safety Yes
Full Tank Indicator Yes
On/Off Led Yes
Diagonal Airflow System Yes
Progress Indicator Yes
Eco Monitor Yes
Moisture Monitoring System Yes
Adjustable Feet Yes - all
Noise Level dBA re 1 pW 68
Main Colour of Product Global White
Country of Origin France
Imported and Marketed by Whirlpool of India Ltd. Plot No. 40, Sector 44, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana, India
Consumer Care Cell Email - Toll Free - 1800 208 1800
Height of the Product 845 mm
Width of the Product 596 mm
Depth of the Product 659 mm
HOB - Elite
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
AKC 640, AKCG 640, AKC 950, AKCG 930, AKC 630, AKC 730 - 70CM, AKC 641, AKCG 641, AKB640, AKCG 920, AKM 216 (HOB - 4B) 12 Months 3135
HOB - Premium
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
AKT 466, AKCG 931H, AKT 935, AKC 931H, ACM 712, AKT 775, GMF 9522, AKC 951, GMF 6422, AKT 925,GMF 7444, AKCE 920, AKT 680, AKBG 640, AKT 778, AKM 373, AKT 351, AKT 315, ACM 838, AKT 922, ACM 804, AKT 40S, AKT 699, ACM 814, ACM 814, AKT 759 12 Months 5220
HOOD - Elite
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
AKR 601 PLATINUM, AKR 901 PLATINUM, AKR 601 CLASSIC, AKR 601 DELUXE, AKR 640, AKR 602 PLATINUM, AKR 940 12 Months 3135
HOOD - Premium
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
AKR 9222, AKR 604 PLATINUM, AKR 9122, AKR 904 PLATINUM, AKR 6222, ISLAND HOOD-AKR 904 ISOLA, ISLAND HOOD-AKR 905 ISOLA, AKR 6122, AKR 9196, AKR 603 PLATINUM, AKR 903 PLATINUM, AKR 799, AKR 6196, AKR 9444, AKR 9333, AKR 930, AKR 905 PLATINUM, AKR 6133, AKR 9133, AKR 605 PLATINUM, AKR 650, AKR 985, AKR 995-ELE, AKR 902 PLATINUM, AKR 890, AKR 980, AKR 890, AKR 923, AKR 875 12 Months 5220
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
AKP 539, AKZM 6560, AKZM 797, AKP 258, AKZM 656, AKZM 797 AMBIENT OVEN, AMW 599, AKZM 8920/9K, AKP 135 12 Months 5745
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
AMW 755, AMW 101, AMW 848, AMW 758, AMW 1401, AMW 758, AMW 523, AMW 497, AMW 735, AKZ 447, AMW 510, AMW 545 12 Months 5745
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
ART 6600, ART491-RR, AKG 913, WME 36962, WME 26962, ART491-LR, NOVA FREEZER, NOVA REFRIGERATOR 12 Months 8355
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
ADG 7440-SEMI, ADG 9623, ADG 9623 FD, WP 209, ADG 5444, WP109 12 Months 6265
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
WWCR 9435, AWOE 11149, FSCR 10421 12 Months 9395
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
AZB 9780, AZB 8785, DSCX 80118 12 Months 5220
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
ACE 102 12 Months 13055
Sub Category Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
ACE 010 12 Months 5745
  Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
HOB Elite + HOOD Elite 12 Months 5205
BI Oven + BI MWO Plan 12 Months 9735
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