T&Cs for 1 Year Warranty Extension Program

This comprehensive warranty extension plan (hereinafter referred to as Warranty Program) is is offered by Whirlpool of India Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Company) to its customers on purchase of select Whirlpool Frost Free Refrigerators (Product) as described in these Terms and Conditions will begin on the start date of the Validity Period.

Eligibility Period: From 20th August 2022 to 8th September 2022

Warranty Program Details

  • The Warranty Program will be for 1 year over and above the 1 year standard warranty period which gives a 2 year comprehensive warranty on the Product.
  • It is a limited period offer valid for select Products purchased between 20th August 2022 till 8th September 2022 in the state of Kerala and can be either revoked/terminated or extended solely as per the Company’s discretion.

The warranty program is applicable on the following products:

  • Intellifresh Pro 325Ltr & 355Ltr
  • Intellifresh 340 Ltr, 360 Ltr, 440 Ltr, 465 Ltr & 500 Ltr
  • Protton 300 Ltr & 330Ltr
  • The Customer needs to register their purchase by lodging an installation request, only on Customer care number 1800 208 1800 within 15 days of the date of purchase set out in the invoice.
  • Customer has to produce the invoice copy to the authorized service engineer during installation/demo at the customer location. In case of non-availability of proof of purchase, the Warranty Program will not be valid.
  • This Offer is applicable only if the installation is done by or through Whirlpool and no third party repairs are conducted on the product;
    Visit & labour charges & charges for transportation for repairs, where applicable will be charged extra and are not included in the Warranty Program.
  • The Offer is non-transferable, assignable or exchangeable for cash. The Offer can not be substituted or merged with any other offer. The Customer can not transfer Service Plan if ownership of the Appliance is transferred.
  • The Offer shall be from the date of purchase as mentioned in the invoice and irrespective of the usage of the Product and shall automatically expire on expiry of the Offer period mentioned above.
  • The Offer is not applicable to any Institutional purchases;
  • The warranty under Offer shall not apply to defects arising, in Whirlpool’s opinion, by reasons of accident, alteration, abuse, misuse, neglect, improper installation, high voltage fluctuations, faulty stabilizer, unauthorised repairs or replacement of original parts, fire, flood or other acts of gods. Repairs, replacement under this Offer shall be at the sole discretion of Whirlpool.
  • Considering continuous improvements & changes in technology / design / colors, it is possible that the replacement part may not identically match the defective part. However, the Company will be concerned only with restoring the covered Appliance to working condition and to this effect, exercise its discretion in utilizing components that may be different from the components being repaired or replaced in terms of the design, specifications, color, shape and brand. In case the repair / replacement is not technically possible at the site, the Company reserves the right to get such repair / replacement done at its workshop. Functional parts are only those component parts that are critical to the performance of the Appliance’s essential function, a component - the malfunction of which renders the Appliance non-operational. Part Coverage details are mentioned below for the Appliance.

General terms & conditions on warranty specified in the User Manual shall remain the same and to the extent applicable, mutatis mutandis apply to this Offer, unless contrary to the above.

Exclusions from coverage:

a. Any Product used for other than normal, single family household use. Coverage of Appliances used in business or commercial applications as well as community use, will be determined at the sole discretion of the Company.
b. Normal maintenance and cleaning as suggested in the User Manual supplied with the Product.
c. Damage to Product caused by accident, misuse, theft, riot, strikes, fire, flood, infestation, environmental damage, accidental or intentional interruption of electrical power, inadequate or fluctuating electrical power, plumbing, water lines connected to the Product but not internal to it, war, acts of God, use of spurious parts or use of the Appliance in a manner not authorized in its User Manual.
d. Damage to Product incurred while moving the Product to another location or reinstallation not by the Company's Authorized Service Partner after it has been moved.
e. Removing or reinstalling of a Product installed in an inaccessible location or not installed in accordance with its installation instructions.
f. Finish defects, discoloration, dents, scratches, peeling, rusting, corrosion, or component failure resulting from rust or corrosion on any Product.
g. Noise and / or vibrations caused by moving components as in the compressor, motor, fans, etc.
h. Repair or replacement of any Product with removed or altered serial numbers on the Product and on critical components, including but not limited to, components such as compressors, motors.

For more information/clarifications pls reach out to helpdeskindia@whirlpool.com