At Whirlpool, we believe in creating experiences that are tailor-made to adapt to your desires. And that is what inspires the new range of IntelliFreshTM refrigerators. Powered by the 6TH SENSE® IntelliSensor Technology and SealFreshTM Technology, it adapts to ensure 12 days of garden freshness*.

Adapts to Deliver Optimum Freshness

6TH SENSE® IntelliSensor Technology

The all new IntelliFresh is powered by the 6TH SENSE® IntelliSensor Technology. It's 3 IntelliSensors along with an Intuitive Logic Chip sense, adapt and control the cooling to deliver long-lasting freshness.

SealFreshTM Technology

Adapts to the cooling inside and preserves the latent moisture of vegetables. Together with 6TH SENSE® IntelliSensor Technology, it retains freshness for 12 days.

7 Days Dairy Fresh#

Ensured In The Dairy Fresh Zone
Adapts the cooling to preserve not just milk products but also keep milk fresh for 7 days.

Adapts to Deliver Maximum Convenience

India's First Adapta Shelves

Make Space With Ease
Adapts to different storage needs and ensures the most customisable space management with ease.


Features an innovative water docking mechanism that adaptively and easily fills ice trays.

Adapts to Deliver Refined Sensibilities

Feather Touch Controls

Experience true intelligence with the advanced feather touch control panel. It adapts to your need of controlling temperature faster ice making, and higher energy efficiency with just a touch.

Crystal Bins and Chrome Accents

The extra-large crystal bins and Chrome accents are accentuated with a premium designer finish that truly makes the interiors adapt to the grandeur outside.

Adapts to Deliver Greater Savings

Advanced IntelliSense Inverter Technology

Efficiently adapts the cooling according to internal load. It not only reduces energy consumption, but also ensures matchless performance even during power cuts.

Whirlpool Intellifresh Range Of Refrigerators

*Results based on internal lab testing done on select fruits and vegetables under specific test conditions on select model, Results may vary model to model. Images shown above are indicative only.

#Preserve freshness only when stored in chiller. Results based on internal lab testing done on select milk type specific test conditions on select model. Results may vary model to model. Images shown above are indicative only.

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