Life @ Whirlpool

At Whirlpool, we expect each and every employee to run the business as their own. Whether you are in the factory making sure our machines run well, a graduate engineer learning how to be a leader of tomorrow or a senior manager in any of our functions, the expectation is the same. You'll have freedom you've not experienced before. And with that freedom comes responsibility.

As an organization we are forward looking and believe we should hire people not only to dispense their current responsibilities but also with the potential to grow within the organization and are culturally aligned to our values and possess Whirlpool Leadership competencies.

Whirlpool is an organization that believes in providing challenges and encourages innovation. At the same time, we expect our people to grab everything that's within their reach and use it to develop themselves. As an employer of choice, we aim to attract exceptionally talented people. The ones who don't just wait for things to drop into their lap, they go out and grab life.

Working at Whirlpool should not be merely about earning a livelihood but also about working towards a dream. We believe in creating an energizing vision for employees and an environment that supports them to stretch happily.