Jet Crisp Steamtech 25 L Steam Convection Microwave Oven (25 Ltr)

Jet Crisp Steamtech 25 L Steam Convection Microwave Oven

Jet Crisp Steamtech 25 L Steam Convection Microwave Oven (25 Ltr)

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Key Features

  • 2-Minute Crisp* with 6TH SENSE® Crisp&Bake Technology
  • Steam Technology
  • 3D Distribution
  • Patented European Crisp Pan


2-Minute Crisp with 6TH SENSE® Crisp&Bake Technology convection-series


with 6TH SENSE® Crisp&Bake Technology

6TH SENSE® Crisp&Bake Technology ensures best crisp and bake results...Thanks to its Advanced 3D Crisp & Patented European Crisp Pan that heats up from 0 to 210 degrees in just 2 mins - giving perfectly crispy dishes with professional results.

Zero Oil Cooking convection-series


Cook food in the Whirlpool Microwave without a drop of oil, and enjoy tasty and healthy food! The grill mode too gives you an opportunity to bake without any oil!


Healthy, tender steamed meals, anytime. Steam technology provides the freshest, tastiest recipes, at the touch of a button.

3D Distribution convection-series


Enables perfectly even cooking, reheating and defrosting, reducing cooking time and thus proving to be energy efficient basically caused by the dual heat emission technology.

Patented European Crisp Pan convection-series


Whirlpool's unique patented Crisp Pan is made with ferrite bottom which is heated up extremely quickly by the microwaves coming from the lower part of the cavity. As Crisp plate does not heat up above 210°C, food is prevented from being overcooked.

Magiclean convection-series


Special non-stick coating on internal cavity that allows optimum clean ability with a simple wipe off, without use of detergents or additives.

Forced Air Oven Mode convection-series


Bakes cakes perfectly and evenly with pre-set temperature of 175ºC along with true forced air.

Product Specifications

Description Crisp & Bake with Convection, Grill & Steam
Gross Capacity (in L) 25
Finish/ Colour Black Facia with Gold Silver Pattern/Silver Body
Door Type Side Swing
Turntable Size (in mm) 280
Power Levels 6
Microwave Output (in W) 700
Grill Output (in W) 1000
Convection Output (in W) FC 800W + Grill 1000W
Control Type Tact + Jog Dial
Display Type 7 Segment LED Digital Display
Cavity Type Ilaflon Cavity
No. of Pre Set Menus 11
Crisp Function Output Power (max.) MW 700W + Grill 1000W
Warranty Period 1 Year Comprehensive + 2 Years on Magnetron
Net Weight (in Kg) 17.4
Gross Weight (in Kg) 19.2
Product Dim (HWD) (in mm) 299×521×490
Cavity Dim (HWD) (in mm) 200×326×320
6TH SENSE® CrispBake Technology Yes
3D Surround Microwave Emission System Yes
"OVEN" Mode Yes
Manual MW Yes
Jet Defrost Yes (5 auto menu)
Clock Yes
Jet Start Yes
Crisp Yes
Steam Yes (6 auto menu)
Manual Grill Yes
Oven Yes
European Crisp Pan Yes
Special Crisp Handle Yes
Grill Rack 2 (High & Low)
Turntable Yes
Turntable Support Yes
Steamer Black Round Shape
User Manual Yes
MWO - Convection
Age of Appliance Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
Within 5yrs from DOP 12 Months 1880
MWO - Grill
Age of Appliance Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
Within 5yrs from DOP 12 Months 1565
MWO - Solo
Age of Appliance Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
Within 5yrs from DOP 12 Months 1045

Parts Covered: Blower Motor, Door Frame, Fan Cap, Fan Wheel, Fuse, PCB, Magnetron.

Service Charges: No service charges for the parts covered in plan.

Transportation: No transportation pertaining to parts covered under plan.

*HCP Plan on microwave is applicable only on solo and 20ltr models.

What is Not Covered? Fuse Socket, Glass Tray, Lamp, Micro Switch and Fan Blade.