Intellifresh 360 L, 3 Star Two Door Frost Free Refrigerator (360 Ltr)

Intellifresh 360 L, 3 Star Two Door Frost Free Refrigerator

Intellifresh 360 L, 3 Star Two Door Frost Free Refrigerator (360 Ltr)

`44,900 `42,655

Key Features

  • 6TH SENSE® IntelliFresh Technology
  • Freshflow™ Flexi-vents with anti-bacterial filters
  • Active Deo
  • MicroBlock™


6TH SENSE® IntelliFresh

The new IntelliFresh technology powered by 6TH SENSE® IntelliSensor Tech, helps in adapting and controlling the cooling to deliver long-lastinig freshness, thanks to its 3 IntelliSensors with an Intuitive Logic Chip sense.

Auto-Connect to Home Inverter

IntelliSense INVERTER

Auto-Connect to Home Inverter

The advanced IntelliSense Invertor Technology efficiently adapts the cooling according to internal load, it not only reduces energy consumption, but also ensures matchless performances even during power cuts. In the event of a power outage, it automatically connects to the home inverter#, thus delivering consistent cooling and maintaining long-lasting freshness.


With Flexi Vents

Scientifically designed air tower and strategically placed vents that that let out cool and fresh air into different sections of the refrigerator providing uniform cooling for long lasting freshness.


Integrated at the bottom of the Freshflow air tower, the effective anti-odour action of Active Deo keeps the refrigerator environment fresh and odour-free.

refrigerator deepfreeze technology


Ensures 40% faster Bottle Cooling, 50% Faster Ice-making and 3 times better cooling retention during power cuts by controlling the cold air movement and increasing the speed of the cold air circulation in the refrigerator.


A special anti-microbial additive, present in the material of vegetable crisper, fruit crisper, Ice twister & collector, helps to kill up to 99.9% microbes, thus providing lifelong protection against contamination.


Stabilizer free operation for assured reliability and ensured safety.


with 7 Days Garden Fresh*

India’s only easy access vegetable crisper with Microblock™ technology that prevents 99.9% bacterial growth and keeps the freshness of your vegetables intact for up to 7 days.


Reduces oxidation to maintain original freshness.


The unique storage space created for fruits comes with a MicroBlock™ that prevents up to 99.9% bacterial growth for product lifetime. Mixed in during a product’s manufacturing process, our antimicrobial additives operate on the cellular level to continuously disrupt and prevent uncontrolled growth of the microorganism. Simultaneously, the separate zone for your fruits prevents odour mixing between fruits and vegetables. This ensures you have the healthiest and the most hygienic environment for your fruits and vegetables to stay fresher for longer.


Gross Capacity(L) 360
Technology 6TH SENSE® IntelliFresh Technology + Deep Freeze
Energy Rating 3
User Interface Panel Yes
3 Intellisensors Yes
Freshflow Flexi-Vents Yes
Tower Cooling Yes
Dairy Fresh No
Everyday Fresh Yes
Orchard Fresh Fruit Crisper Yes
7 Days Garden Fresh Vegetable Crisper Yes
MicroBlock™ Vegetable Crisper, Fruit Crisper, Ice Twister & Collector
No. & Type of Shelves 2, Toughened Glass
Choco Box No
Freshonizer Yes
RC Lamp No
Fresh-N-Sort Yes
Active Deo Yes
Ice Cream Tray Yes
Ice Twister and Collector Yes
Intellisensor Yes
Width (mm) 615
Depth (mm) 671
Height (mm) 1750
DIRECT COOL - Single Door Refrigerator
Age of Appliance Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
Within 5yrs from DOP 12 Months 1045
>5yr ~ <7yr 12 Months 1670
GNF - NEO/Protton/Mastermind - 220~285Ltrs
Age of Appliance Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
Within 5yrs from DOP 12 Months 1670
>5yr ~ <7yr 12 Months 2665
GNF - Professional/Iceberg/NEO/Protton - 290~360Ltrs
Age of Appliance Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
Within 5yrs from DOP 12 Months 3655
>5yr ~ <7yr 12 Months 4075
GNF - Professional/Protton/Neo - 410~480Ltrs
Age of Appliance Plan Duration MRP (INR.)
Within 5yrs from DOP 12 Months 4280
>5yr ~ <7yr 12 Months 6165

Parts Covered: Compressor, Sealed System – Gas Charging, Capillary, Drier, Relay, Thermostat, Fan Motor, Timer and Thermal Fuse.

Service Charges: No service charges for the parts covered in plan.

Transportation: No transportation pertaining to parts covered under plan.

What is Not Covered?
Coloured Components, Plastic Parts, Door Gasket Assembly, Light Bulb, Light Switch, Cabinet and Liner.

Note:- In case of Refrigerator, AssurEdge plan available only for less than 9 months Old Product.