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Experience Freshness for Longer double-door


Powered with Adaptive Intelligence Technology

Experience long-lasting freshness with India's most intelligent refrigerator*. It's advanced Adaptive Intelligence (AI) Microprocessor and 3 Intellisensors sense Load, Weather Conditions & Usage Patterns ensuring optimum cooling for long-lasting freshness.

*In its category. With Intellisensors, AI Microprocessor, SealFresh Technology, Microblock Technology, Adapta Shelves and Intelli-Icemaker.

Sealfresh™ Technology double-door


Adapts to cooling inside and preserves the latent moisture of vegetables. Together with 6TH SENSE® IntelliSensor Technology, it retains freshness for up to 12 days.*

*Results based on internal lab testing done on select models under standard test conditions and may vary depending on testing conditions and models.

IntelliSense Inverter Technology double-door


Auto-Connect to Home Inverter

The advanced IntelliSense Invertor Technology efficiently adapts the cooling according to internal load. It not only reduces energy consumption, but also ensures matchless performances even during power cuts. In the event of a power outage, it automatically connects to the home inverter#, thus delivering consistent cooling and maintaining long-lasting freshness.
*Results shown are based on internal lab testing done on select models of both technology compressors under standard conditions and may vary depending on testing conditions.
#After 2 hours of cooling.
~Results for refrigerator compartment.
^Values shown are of electricity consumption per year calculated as per BIS standards.

Adapta Shelves double-door


Adapts to different storage needs and ensures the most customisable space management by making space with ease.

7 Days* Dairy Fresh double-door


Adapts the cooling to preserve not just milk products but also keep milk fresh for 7 days*.

*Results shown are based on internal testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending upon the testing conditions.

Everyday Fresh_if double-door


Now you don’t have to navigate between different food items and re-arrange them to pick up something. With the easy glide movement of the "Everyday Fresh" tray, accessing things even at the back and the corner becomes quick and easy.

Fresh Flow Air Tower double-door


Freshflow air system ensures uniform cooling for long lasting freshness.

Twin Crispers_TM585 double-door


Large size Twin Crispers provide ample space for fruits & vegetables storage.

Feather Touch UI double-door


Experience true intelligence with the advanced feather touch control panel. It caters to your need of controlling temperature, faster ice making, and higher energy efficiency with just a touch.

Intelli-Icemaker double-door


Adaptive and innovative water docking system with easy-fill ice trays.

Store More double-door


Extra Large Bins
For extra space to store your favourite jams and chocolates.

Big Bottle Rack
Now you can easily store 4 bottles of 2 litres capacity in the top rack and 6 bottles of 1 litre capacity in the bottom rack.

Disclaimer: All features listed above are not common across the range. Some features may only be available in selected models only. All Images shown are for representation only. Actual product may vary
Neofresh Refrigerators:

Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to your family, you do everything to ensure that what they get is absolutely fresh and healthy. This pursuit of freshness by you is what inspired us to put the controls of freshness in your hands.

Presenting the Whirlpool NeoFresh Refrigerators - Powered by the advanced 6TH SENSE® DeepFreeze Technology and unique Freshflow air system. The Deep Freeze technology ensures that your freezer reaches the coldest temperature in category thus ensuring fast ice and crystal-free ice-cream.

The unique FreshFlow Air System maintains constant circulation of cold and fresh air across the refrigerator to get uniform cooling and zero hot spots – thus maintaining optimum freshness in your refrigerator. Its inbuilt MicroBlock Technology prevents the build-up of germs and microbes.

All these come together to create an experience of best-in-class cooling and freshness- truly giving you the best of both worlds

Professional Refrigerators:

Freshness powered by sense and intelligence

Here’s a refrigerator that is intelligent enough to adapt itself to the changing temperatures. A fridge that ensures that the food inside it stays just as fresh as you would like to have it – no matter what goes on outside. The The Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerators are powered by the 6TH SENSE® IntelliFresh Technology that has three intellisensors which sense, adapt and control the inside temperature according to the internal load and the outside temperature. As a result, the food inside gets precise cooling – giving you perfect freshness, every time.

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