Introducing the Supreme Care range of Whirlpool's fully automatic front load washing machines. Designed and manufactured in Europe, style and practicality lie at the heart of this range. The chic styling will lend an aura of elegance to your home and make washing a delightful experience.

The Whirlpool patented 6th Sense SoftMove Technology intelligently customizes drum movements according to each fabric type and removes toughest of stains with the softest touch

Supreme Care

Crafted in Europe

Whirlpool brings superior European craftsmanship and design to India for the first time ever with the Supreme Care range of front load washing machines.

Completely designed, manufactured in and imported from Europe, this is a world class product from the No. 1 selling major appliance manufacturer in the world.

No. 1 Best Care

The Supreme Care range is certified as No. 1* in Europe for providing perfectly tailored care to each type of fabric.

*Tested among the leading European brands conducted by independent Swiss institute Swissatest Testmaterialien AG.

A+++ Energy Rating

The Supreme Care range is certified A+++ by the European Union Directive. This translates to unparalleled energy efficiency, giving you the best washing experience with minimum energy consumption.

#A+++ Energy efficiency class certified by EU Directive 2010/30/EU


Introducing The 6TH SENSE SoftMove Technology

Ease and comfort are second nature to Supreme Care. It offers over 50 different washing combinations for you to choose from. If you're not in the mood to choose, then the machine will intelligently customize the cleaning cycle depending upon the type of fabric and the size of the load.

The large touch panel, with white LEDs is a delight to operate and offers a highly customizable washing experience.

With numerous modifiers, you can program the wash according to very specific needs to get expertly washed garments each time. The machine remembers your last used program, and also intelligently customizes and recommends parameters for each wash.

The entire range comes with an advanced SenseInverter Motor, which is engineered for unmatched quality and precision.

Moreover, it comes with a 10 year warranty for a long lasting delightful performance.

Using Wave Motion Wash, the machine intelligently senses the load & adapts the program and drum movements to each fabric type and provides best wash with perfectly tailored care

Wave Motion Spin is an advanced adaptive spin to provide best care of garments during the most stressful phase of laundry, even at 1400 RPM

Wave spinning reduces centrifugal forces acting on the clothes, and relaxes the garments between spins to prevent damage

Moreover, it intelligently varies duration of spin according to load quantity

The one of a kind drum design gives the best fabric care during the wash and spin phase, due to the intricate pattern with 20%# smaller holes. This result in reduced surface friction by up to 70%*, and hence minimum damage to the garments.

# Compared to equivalent Whirlpool washers without SoftMove technology

*The lowest contact friction area between laundry and drum, based on the structure and geometry of the drum – internal test among leading European brand status January 2013

Supreme Care uses the patented technology of Colours 15°

which effectively uses the softener to avoid colours from fading.

Moreover, Colours 15° uses a cold water wash to protect colours

of fabrics while providing perfect cleaning.

BioStains 15° removes the toughest of stains, even blood, with cold water and hence ensures complete protection of garments.

FreshCare is a Whirlpool patented technology, that keeps your garments fresh and wrinkle free by intermittently tumbling them

for up to 6 hours after the cycle ends. Even if you forget to take the laundry out after the cycle ends, your garments smell fresh and feel dry. It also reduces bacterial build up by letting air proliferate through the load.

Uses warm water rinse to leave your clothes fresh, soft and wrinkle free.

Range Line Up

  • Supreme Care 9014 Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (9 Kg)

    • Max Spin Speed : 1400 RPM
    • 6th Sense SoftMove Technology
    • Large Touch User Interface
    MRP : Rupee 47,000*
  • Supreme Care 8014 Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (8 Kg)

    • Max Spin Speed : 1400 RPM
    • 6th Sense SoftMove Technology
    • Large Touch User Interface
    MRP : Rupee 43,000*
  • Supreme Care 7014 Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (7 Kg)

    • Max Spin Speed : 1400 RPM
    • 6th Sense SoftMove Technology
    • Large Touch User Interface
    MRP : Rupee 36,000*

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