Supreme Care 7014 (7 Kg)

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Made in Europe

Designed & manufactured by Whirlpool, in Europe, bringing superior European craftsmanship & design to India for the first time ever.

6TH SENSE® SoftMove Technology

The advanced 6TH SENSE® SoftMove Technology intelligently customizes drum movements according to each fabric type and removes toughest of stains with the softest touch.**
• Wave Motion Wash - Intelligently senses the load & adapts the program and drum movements to each fabric type and provides best wash with perfectly tailored care.
• Wave Motion Spin - Advanced adaptive spin to provide best care of garments during the most stressful phase of laundry, even at 1400 RPM.

IntelliSense Inverter Motor^

Enjoy the sound of silence & minimum vibration with the new advanced high tech IntelliSense Inverter motor. The IntelliSense Inverter motor makes the Supreme Care range perfect for the ultimate washing experience ever, and provides extra ordinary care for each garment, with minimum vibrations and noise. Moreover, it comes with a 10 year warranty for a long lasting delightful performance.

Near Zero Vibration with 1400 RPM

Superior drying results and ultimate care for each garment with minimum vibration and noise.
Maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM across the range for superior drying results with best care.

A+++ Energy Rating

Certified A+++ by the Europe Union Directive. This translates to unparalleled energy efficiency, giving you the best washing experience with minimum energy consumption.

Feather Touch Control Panel

The large intuitive touch panel, with white LEDs is a delight to operate and offers a highly customizable washing experience. It offers over 50 different washing combinations for you to choose from. If you're not in the mood to choose, then the machine will intelligently customize the cleaning cycle depending upon the type of fabric and the size of the load. With numerous modifiers, your can program the wash according to very specific needs to get expertly washed garments each time. The machine remembers your last used program, and also intelligently customizes and recommends parameters for each wash.

Infinite Care Drum With Curved Lifters

New sculpted drum pattern with 20% smaller holes to prevent fibres from getting stuck during the washing and spinning phase. The ultra dimensional design gently caresses the laundry by decreasing surface friction by up to 70% and hence causes minimum damage to the garments. The unique soft curved lifters are gentle on the garments and minimize the frictional impact while rubbing against them.

Colour 15°

Colours 15° effectively uses the softener to avoid colours from fading. Moreover, it uses cold water wash to protect colours of fabrics while providing perfect cleaning.

BioStains 15°

Removes the toughest of stains, even blood, with cold water and hence ensures complete protection of garments.


FreshCare keeps your garments fresh and wrinkle free by intermittently tumbling them for up to 6 hours after the cycle ends. Even if you forget to take the laundry out after the cycle ends, your garments smell fresh and feel dry.

Hot Finish

Uses warm water rinse to leave your clothes fresh, soft and wrinkle free.

Dosing Aid - Save on Detergent

Now use just the right quantity of detergent and avoid wastage. The Dosing Aid function, when activated, recommends the optimum amount of detergent by sensing the load in the drum.

Rapid Wash - Perfect Laundry in Record Time

Select the Rapid option with any of the wash programs and reduce the wash cycle time by up to 33%. This is the best option for a lightly soiled load. Morever, you can use the Rapid 30' program for a quick wash for up to 3 kgs of load.

Rinse Hold - Avoid Spinning of your Super Delicates

This option once selected, avoids automatic spinning of the laundry. It is perfect for super delicate laundry which is not suitable for spining.

Start Delay - Get Fresh Laundry at your time of convenience

You can plan for your laundry cycle to start any time during the subsequent 24 hours. Just use Start Delay to ensure that you get freshly washed laundry available at your time of convenience.

Heavy Soil

Supreme Care provides perfect cleaning for heavily soiled clothes like kids' uniforms and play clothes. Heavy Soil option aggressively attacks the stains but remains gentle on the fabric.

Intensive Rinse

Select this option to avoid any detergent residue in the laundry. It extends the rinse phase for thorough removal of detergent. This is particularly suitable for baby clothes where residual detergent may cause allergic reactions.

  • Features 6TH SENSE® SoftMove, IntelliSense Inverter Motor, A+++ Energy Rating*, Feather Touch Control Panel
  • Additional Features Dosing Aid, Start Delay, Rapid Wash, Intensive Rinse, Heavy Soil, Rinse Hold
  • Programs E-Cotton, Cotton, Mixed, Synthetics, Delicates, Wool, Colours, Rapid 30, Colour 15°, BioStains 15°, FreshCare, Hot Finish
  • Max Spin Speed 1400 RPM
  • Wash Capacity 7 Kg
  • Drum Capacity 50 Ltr
  • Outside Dimensions (mm) 850x595x610
  • Machine Weight 70 Kg
  • Warranty 2+8 Years
Download Use & Care Manual

brochure pdf These documents require Adobe Reader to view. You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free.

Appliance Category Age of Appliance Plan Duration (In Months) MRP (INR.)
Semi Automatic
Within 5yrs from DOP 12 1775
>5yr~ <7yr 12 2195
Fully Automatic- Top Loader Within 5yrs from DOP 12 3030
>5yr~ <7yr 12 4125
Fully Automatic- Top Loader - Bloom Wash Within 5yrs from DOP 12 3655
Fully Automatic- Front loading - Supreme Care Model Within 5yrs from DOP 12 5220

Parts Covered:
Compressor, Sealed System – Gas Charging, Capillary, Drier, Relay, Thermostat, Fan Motor, Timer and Thermal Fuse.

Service Charges:
No service charges for the parts covered in plan.
No transportation pertaining to parts covered under plan.
What is Not Covered?
Coloured Components, Plastic Parts, Door Gasket Assembly, Light Bulb, Light Switch, Cabinet and Liner.

NOTE:- In case of washing machines you can avail or opt to register for Peace of mind plan within 18 months of the purchase of your appliance.

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