What is it like to create something that touches the lives of millions of people? What is it like to invent the next big thing? What is it like to have an idea go from your mind's eye into countless homes around the world? Want to find out?

Join the innovators at Whirlpool and begin a career bigger than anything you've ever imagined. The world's leading manufacturer and marketer of home appliances, we have opportunities you never knew existed. We have plans that go beyond your wildest dreams. We have your chance to reach into every home...everywhere across the globe.

Why Whirlpool

Working somewhere is not only about a livelihood, it is a way of life.

And this is how Whirlpool looks at it. Our real strength lies in the intangibles. We attempt to empower, engage and excite our employees by delivering on the intangibles that our people value the most. We call them "our value proposition", they are:

Freedom to Make Choices

We value the free spirit of our people, who drive their own careers as well as Whirlpool's success.

Early Differentiated Roles

We offer roles that have a unique identity enabling our people to grow from strength to strength, very early in life.

Open & Inclusive Culture

We take pride in open and inclusive culture that enables collaboration in creating loyal customers for life.

Spirit of Winning

We believe in setting ambitious goals, performing to the best of our abilities and creating & rewarding success.