Terms And Conditions for AC Warranty

  • This Warranty Extension Offer (“Offer”) is applicable for a limited period on end-customer purchases from 1st Feb 2022 onwards on select models of Whirlpool 2022 range of inverter air conditioners as below: Below is table of models covered under this scheme

Offer 1: 1 Year Comprehensive + 2 Years Additional Warranty on PCB:
2022 AC Range: Supreme Cool Xpand & 3D Cool AI (Capacity: 1.0 T & 1.5 T, Star Rating: 3 Star)
Material Codes: 41335, 41338, 41339, 41341, 41344, 41345

Offer 2: 1 Year Comprehensive + 4 Years Additional Warranty on PCB:
2022 AC Range: Supreme Cool Xpand & 3D Cool AI (Capacity: 1.0 T & 1.5 T, Star Rating: 5 Star & 4 Star)
Material Codes: 41336, 41337, 41340, 41357, 41342, 41343, 41346, 41358

  1. This Offer is applicable on Indoor PCB as well as Outdoor PCB only of the applicable models in addition to the warranty terms set out in the User Manual.;
  2. This Offer is applicable only if the installation is done by or through Whirlpool and no third party repairs are conducted on the product;
  3. Visit & labour charges & charges for transportation, where applicable will be charged extra and are not included in the Offer
  4. The Offer is non-transferable, assignable or exchangeable for cash. The Offer can not be substituted or merged with any other offer
  5. The Offer shall be from the date of purchase as mentioned in the invoice and irrespective of the usage of air conditioner and shall automatically expire on expiry of the Offer period mentioned above.
  6. The Offer is not applicable to any Institutional purchases;
  7. The Offer is valid in select cities and for a limited period; Whirlpool reserves all rights to withdraw or change Offer at its sole discretion at any point of time.
  8. The warranty under Offer shall not apply to defects arising, in Whirlpool’s opinion, by reasons of accident, alteration, abuse, misuse, neglect, improper installation, high voltage fluctuations, faulty stabalizer, unauthorised repairs or replacement or original parts, fire, flood or other acts of gods. Repairs, replacement under this Offer shall be at the sole discretion of Whirlpool.
  9. General terms & conditions on warranty specified in the User Manual shall remain the same and to the extent applicable, mutatis mutandis apply to this Offer, unless contrary to the above.