Best Selling Refrigerators

When it comes to home appliances, refrigerators are one of the first appliances to be brought home. There are multiple considerations that one makes when purchasing the best fridge for their home. After all, these appliances are not the ones that you can upgrade or replace in a matter of a few years. They remain part of your home for a much longer duration and thus, when it comes to purchasing a fridge, the biggest factor to choose the right one is the durability! We at Whirlpool keep consumers at the center of every product that we design & manufacture. When it comes to durable products with an elegant design, our experience of 110 years of manufacturing appliances comes in handy. Whirlpool Refrigerators are designed keeping in mind the evolving homes and the new designs that take over trends that stay and this helps us create the best refrigerators for your homes. There are various types of Fridges based on the format of the refrigerators. Single door, double door refrigerators, side by side and other premium refrigerators. A recent new format that has been introduced is the bottom mount or bottom freezer fridge and then we have the uniqueness of Protton Refrigerator that is a three door refrigerator customized for Indian fridge needs.