What is Whirlpool's customer care number?

60008558 and 18601804558.
You can also get in touch with our toll free no. 1800 208 1800
8AM-8PM/7 days.
You can reach us @ 1800 208 1800
Yes. For 60008558 you have to prefix local STD code when you are dialling from mobile. If you are dialling from landline then you just have to dial the number. For BSNL number no STD prefix is required.
60008558 can be dialled from any private user. 18601804558 to be dialled from BSNL/MTNL . 18601804558 can be dialled from private user, but sometimes it may not get through in that case the number has to be tried from BSNL or MTNL.
Yes. Based upon approval from Branch Sales Manager and frequency as decided.
During peak hours when the agents are not free you will receive message from IVR that you are on hold, all the agents are busy.You are requested to be on line & your call will get through
Yes.Every half an hour.
Consumer will hear a message either to call back in working hours OR to drop an SMS at 58558 to WPL OR he can record his message in the voice mail.
SMS site is accessed every half an hour and customer is called back during working hour
Yes.Every 1 hour across the region.
Within 30 secs (except peak hours)
Preventive Maintenance calls are provided only on Air Conditioner & RO water purifiers, please call up in call center to avail the PM service.

For Annual Maintenance Contract,please call up in call center