Terms & Conditions For 2 Years Additional Comprehensive Warranty Offer

This additional comprehensive warranty offer (“Offer”) is offered by Whirlpool of India Limited (“Company”) to its consumers on the purchase of select Xpert Care Front-load fully automatic Washing Machines of the Company as set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Offer Details

(1) The Offer is only applicable on the following Xpert Care Front-load fully automatic Washing Machines (“Products”):

31590- XO10514DQV, 33004- XS6510BYW, 33006-XO6510BYS, 33007- XO6510BYV, 33009- XS7012BYV, 33010- XS7012BYS, 33011- XO7012BYW, 33012- XO7012BYS, 33013- XO7012BZV, 33015- XO8014BYS, 33016- XO8014DZV, 33017- XS8014BYS, 33018- XO8014DZS, 33019- XS7012BYW5, 33020- XS7012BYV (D), 33021- XO8014BYS (D), 33022- XO6510BYS (D), 33023- XS7012BYSD, 33024- XO8014BYSE, 33025- XO8014BYVD, 33026- XO7012BYVD, 33027- XO9012BZV

(2) The Offer entails 2 years of additional complete/comprehensive warranty over and above the standard complete/ comprehensive warranty of 3 years thereby providing the consumer with a total of 5 years of complete/comprehensive warranty on Products.

(3) The additional complete/comprehensive warranty covered in this Offer is being provided on the same terms and conditions as applicable to the standard complete/ comprehensive warranty and shall mutatis mutandis apply to this Offer. The terms and conditions of the standard complete/ comprehensive warranty are available in the user manual that is provided to the consumer along with the Product.

(4) Offer is valid for Products purchased on or after 11th March 2023 and can be revoked/terminated/amended solely as per Company’s discretion.

(5) The Offer is non-transferable, non-assignable and cannot be exchangeable for cash. The Offer can not be substituted or merged with any other offer that may be introduced by the Company from time to time.

(6) Considering continuous improvements & changes in technology/design/colours, it is possible that the replacement part may not identically match the defective part. However, the Company will be concerned only with restoring the covered Appliance to working condition and to this effect, exercise its discretion in utilising components that may be different from the components being repaired or replaced in terms of the design, specifications, colour, shape and brand. In case the repair/replacement is not technically possible at the site, the Company reserves the right to get such repair/replacement done at its workshop. Functional parts are only those component parts that are critical to the performance of the Appliance’s essential function, a component - the malfunction of which renders the product non-operational.