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Introducing 6th sense SoftMove Technology:

Get enhanced care for each fabric type
The New Xpert Care Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machines come with the 6th Sense Soft Move technology that provides enhanced cleaning for all your fabric types such as Whites, Cottons, Silk & Delicates, Synthetic & Denims, Wool & Duvets which ensures removal of dirt and tough stains with the softest of touch.

Additional Key Features

The Ozone Air Refresh Technology
Whirlpool Xpert Care uses an in-built ozoniser to generate eco friendly Ozone gas. This is then released through the drum holes. It refreshes the clothes by breading down the odour molecules and removes up to 99.9% bacteria". These gas molecules are then converted back to oxygen after the refresh cycle and discharged naturally.
Intellisense Inverter and Direct Drive
The Whirlpool Xpert Care Washing Machine comes with Intellisense Inverter/Direct Drive Motor along with the 6th Sense Soft Move Technology.  Also, it has a cutting-edge design, a robust body structure, and vibration dampening noise panels. And the result is noise free washing experience.
*3 years comprehensive warranty + 10 years warranty on motors (10 years warranty on motor inclusive of 3 years comprehensive warranty on entire product. Warranty terms and conditions given in the user manual apply).
Freshcare+ Technology
The FreshCare+ technology ensures that your clothes remain fresh by releasing steam periodically while keeping the drum tumbling gently for up to 6 hours after the cycle ends. The steam ensures that the moisture does not create that foul smell in your clothes inside the washing machine.
100 Stain Removal
With the New Xpert Care Fully Automatic Washing Machines you will not have to worry about the toughest of tough stains as the new range of these washing machines provide easy removal of up to 100 Stains.
Add Garment Feature
We have all forgotten a sock, handkerchief or even other clothes such as a T-shirt while putting the load inside our front load washing machines but more painful is the wait for us to set up another wash cycle just to wash those few clothes. Not anymore! With the Add Garment Feature simply add the clothes even after starting the wash cycle.
Knob with Built-In LCD Display
This Washing Machine comes with a user friendly Knob linked with Digital Display for Adjusting Wash Types and selecting different programs according to your laundry type and wash needs

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