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Up to 2X Freshness with 6TH SENSE® ActiveFresh Technology multi-door


with 6TH SENSE® ActiveFresh TECHNOLOGY

Protton world series powered by 6TH SENSE® ActiveFresh Technology ensures up to 2X freshness to your fruits and vegetables - by preventing excessive ripening, maintaining their natural moisture and preventing 99%* bacterial growth.

*Result shown are based on internal testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending on testing conditions.
# Results shown are based on internal lab testing and comparison done on select Whirlpool Protton model with previous Whirlpool Protton model of the year 2017

3 Door Advantage multi-door


Protton's unique 3 door format offers benefits that no other refrigerator in it's class has. It provides the largest* 32 L fruits and vegetables storage space, prevents odour mixing and ensures better cooling@ retention owing to 3 separate zones for different storage needs.

*In separate compartment for fruits and vegetables.
@When compared to a conventional double-door refrigerator

India's First Active Fresh Zone multi-door


The refrigerator's unique 3 door format gives you an exclusive bottom drawer – the Active Fresh Zone – for fruits and vegetables. This prevents odour mixing keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for a longer duration.

Zeolite Technology multi-door


Zeolite Technology prevents excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene emission from them. This reduces the sugar content of fruits and vegetables thereby keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

Moisture Retention Technology multi-door


In ordinary refrigerators, the cold air comes directly in contact with fruits and vegetables and robs them of their intrinsic moisture. But in Protton world series refrigerator, the cold air flows around the compartment, keeping its contents cool while retaining their moisture and natural freshness.

MicroBlock™ Technology multi-door


A special anti-microbial additive, present in the material of the compartment itself, helps to kill up to 99%* microbes, thus providing lifelong protection against contamination.

* Results shown are based on Internal lab testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending on testing conditions

Customized Cooling Technology multi-door


The All new Protton comes with a customizable temperature knob for delicacies like cheese berries, chocolate and other dairy products.

Energy Efficient multi-door


As unbelievable as it is, the all new Protton world series consumes lesser energy than a CFL*, making it one of the most energy efficient refrigerator in its class.

*T&C Apply. As compared to a 60 watt CFL.

Disclaimer: All features listed above are not common across the range. Some features may only be available in selected models only. All Images shown are for representation only. Actual product may vary
Protton World Series Refrigerators

Experience the Sound of Freshness

Cherish the natural glow, crunchy sound & delicious taste of the fruits & vegetables with Whirlpool Multi Door Protton World Series Refrigerator, powered by the 6TH SENSE® ActiveFresh Technology. The fridge’s unique 3 door format gives you an exclusive bottom drawer – the Active Fresh Zone – for fruits and vegetables. This, coupled with the Advanced Moisture Retention Technology, Freshkeeper & MicroBlock creates the perfect conditions for fruits and vegetables to stay fresher for longer. Little wonder then, that the Protton World Series of refrigerators is No.1 when it comes to Freshness. So next time when you take a bite of that apple, listen to its crisp sound of freshness.

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