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Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines

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Whirlpool Fully Automatic (Top Load) Washing Machines

If you love to don clean and crisp clothes, then bring home the whirlpool top loading washing machine now!!! This Incredible range of machines feature the 6th sense technology that adjusts water level, wash timings and detergent dosage based on your fabric type and load. The revolutionary Stainwash carefully and thoroughly removes over 16 types of tough stains. The 6th Sense Hotwash technology and a built in heater give you unique advantages over every other washing machine. What’s more, the hotwash system even heats the water to ensure optimum deployment of enzymes in your detergent that helps remove the tough stains giving you whitest white clothes.

At 60°C, hot wash eliminates dangerous bacteria from the clothes and protects your loved ones from danger of any skin diseases. The new spa wash system delivers the whitest white wash with 40% less tangling. It contains 50% lesser perforated holes than an ordinary drum which result in a smoother wash. Other unique features are Digital Display, Rat mesh, Child lock, easy-to-use Control Panel, Magic Lint Filter, automatic tub cleaning express wash, delay start and Auto Re-start.

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