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Edge to Edge Design fully-automatic-top-load


360° Bloomwash Pro has the widest edge to edge, one piece glass lid which gives a better and more convenient drum access.Winner of coveted iF Design Award 2019, one of the world’s foremost design competitions

No. 1 in Cleaning* Performance_Pro H fully-automatic-top-load


It removes up to 50* tough stains, ensuring the best-in-class cleaning performance.

*Results based on internal lab test conducted on select Whirlpool models with identified stains washed within 48 hours under specific test conditions and may vary basis testing conditions. Features available in select models only. Images are for representation only.

360° Spray fully-automatic-top-load

360° SPRAY

The 3 unique nozzles ensure excellent cleaning and rinsing to your clothes, while saving up to 30% of water.

Wash Cycle - During the wash cycle, It's 3 unique nozzles spray and re-circulate hot detergent water to give exceptional cleaning results.
Rinse Cycle - These unique nozzles spray clean water at the time of rinse on your clothes to get rid of any detergent residue.

In-Built Heater fully-automatic-top-load


Ensures 99.9%~ germ and allergen free wash. The In-built heater automatically senses the load and heats the water up to 60°C resulting in a germ and allergen free wash.

Results based on lab tests conducted on select Whirlpool model under NSF Protocol P172 and may vary depending on testing conditions.

Hexa Bloom Impeller fully-automatic-top-load


The newly designed hexa bloom impeller with 6 vanes, washes clothes in a unique 360° blooming wash motion. This makes clothes rub against each other ensuring superior cleaning results with minimizing fabric abrasion.

Soft Close Lid-Pro fully-automatic-top-load


The hydraulic mechanism of the soft closing lid gives you a premium experience and also protects the glass lid from any damage.

Hot Catalytic Soak fully-automatic-top-load


The hot catalytic soak mechanism soaks clothes in concentrated detergent water to loosen the dirt, before the agitation. This mechanism uses 1/3rd the quantity of water to create a high detergent concentration.

Power Dry fully-automatic-top-load


Experience better drying results with four unique levels of drying for different types of clothes.

Hard Water Wash_pro fully-automatic-top-load


Adapts the wash cycle to give you 20%* better cleaning. The intelligent hard water mechanism adapts the machine program for washing in hard water, giving improved washing performance.

*'Results based on internal lab test done in hard water wash mode vs. regular mode in select models. Test conducted under specific test conditions and results may vary depending upon testing conditions

Smart Detergent Dosage fully-automatic-top-load


Senses the laundry load inside the tub and recommends detergent dosage accordingly.

Smart Sensors fully-automatic-top-load


Smart sensors in the machine automatically sense and indicate low voltage & water conditions. Upon successful revival of voltage and water levels, the machine cycle continues from it left off without any manual intervention.

Care Move Technology fully-automatic-top-load


Gentle wash movements combined with Hot Concentrated Shower to give you front load like care, for the first time in a top load.

ZPF Technology fully-automatic-top-load


Fills tub 50%* faster even when the pressure is as low as 0.017MPa*.

*Results shown are based on internal lab testing done on select models under standard conditions and may vary depending on the testing conditions and actual usage.

10 Year Warranty fully-automatic-top-load


10 year warranty on motor and prime mover.

Disclaimer: All features listed above are not common across the range. Some features may only be available in selected models only. All Images shown are for representation only. Actual product may vary
Whirlpool Fully Automatic (Top Load) Washing Machines

If you love to don clean and crisp clothes, then bring home the whirlpool top loading washing machine now!!! This Incredible range of machines feature the 6TH SENSE® Technology that adjusts water level, wash timings and detergent dosage based on your fabric type and load. The revolutionary Stainwash carefully and thoroughly removes over 16 types of tough stains. The 6TH SENSE® Hotwash Technology and a built in heater give you unique advantages over every other washing machine. What’s more, the hotwash system even heats the water to ensure optimum deployment of enzymes in your detergent that helps remove the tough stains giving you whitest white clothes.

At 60°C, hot wash eliminates dangerous bacteria from the clothes and protects your loved ones from danger of any skin diseases. The new spa wash system delivers the whitest white wash with 40% less tangling. It contains 50% lesser perforated holes than an ordinary drum which result in a smoother wash. Other unique features are Digital Display, Rat mesh, Child lock, easy-to-use Control Panel, Magic Lint Filter, automatic tub cleaning express wash, delay start and Auto Re-start.

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