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What makes our range extraordinary!
6th Sense Crisp
6th Sense Crisp & Bake

Now you can have a bakery in your kitchen. You can bake fluffy cakes, muffins, biscuits,meringues,canned rolls and frozen rolls like a true chef. Also,you can delight your kids with Crispy Pizza Pan style and French fries with the Crisp technology. Unique to Whirlpool,the Crisp & Bake technology provides your one touch results for best crisp and bake functions.

6th Sense Humidity Sensor
6th Sense Humidity Sensor

Jet Chef comes with the revolutionary 6th sense humidity sensor technology which detects moisture variations in food during cooking and re adjusts the time to always deliver perfect result in just one touch.

6th Sense Weight Sensor
6th Sense Weight Sensor

Senses the weight of food, and automatically sets the best cooking parameters in just one touch..For perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

Forced Air/Oven Mode
Forced Air/Oven Mode

Now enjoy cakes that are perfectly fluffy and evenly baked thanks to the advanced Oven mode. With its preset temperature if 175 degrees, along with Forced Air, true convection bakes your cakes perfectly and evenly without any hot or cold spots.

2 Years Warranty on Magnetron
2 Years Warranty on Magnetron

Whirlpool microwave ovens are dedicated to providing reliability and durability with a 2 years warranty on Magnetron.

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  • Vegetable & Food Freshener (hanging type)
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    Apron and Gloves

    Stay safe from gravy spills and hot objects with the protective apron and gloves set from Whirlpool.

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  • Vegetable & Food Freshener (hanging type)
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    MWO Cover

    Washable, Wrinkle free, weather proof cover made out of superior grade PVC.

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  • Cleaning is the only maintenance normally required. It must be carried out with the microwave oven disconnected from the power supply.
  • Failure to maintain the oven in a clean condition could lead to deterioration of the surface, which in turn could adversely affect the life of the appliance and possibly result in a hazardous situation.
  • Do not use metal scouring pads, abrasive cleansers, steel wool pads, gritty washcloths, etc. That can damage the control panel, the interior and exterior oven surfaces.
  • Use a soft cloth with a mild detergent or a paper towel with spray glass cleaner. Do not spray the cleaner directly on the oven. Apply the spray glass cleaner to a paper towel and wipe the surface with the towel.
  • At regular intervals, especially if spillovers have occurred, remove the turntable, the turntable support and wipe the base of the oven clean.
  • Do not operate the microwave oven when the turntable has been removed for cleaning.
  • Use a soft and damp cloth with mild detergent to clean the interior surfaces, front and rear of the door and the door opening.
  • Do not allow grease or food particles to build up around the door.
  • For stubborn stains, boil a cup of water in the oven for 2 or 3 minutes. Steam will soften the marks.
  • Add some lemon juice to a cup of water; place this on the turntable and boiling for a few minutes to eliminate unpleasant odors inside the oven.
  • Do not use steam-cleaning appliances when cleaning your microwave oven.
  • The grill element does not need cleaning since the intense heat will burn off any splashes, but the ceiling beneath it may need regular cleaning. This should be done with a soft and damp cloth with mild detergent.
  • If the grill is not used regularly, it should be run for 10 minutes a month to burn off any splashes, in order to reduce the risk of fire.

  • The appliance should not be operated without food in the oven when using microwaves. Operation in this manner is likely to damage the appliance.
  • The ventilation openings on the oven must not be covered. Blocking the air intake or exhaust vents may cause damage to the oven and poor cooking results.
  • When practicing how to operate the oven, put a glass of water inside. The water will absorb the microwave energy and the oven will not be damaged.
  • Do not use this product near a kitchen sink, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool, or similar.
  • Remove wire twist-ties from paper or plastic bags before placing bag in the oven.
  • Do not heat, or use flammable materials in or near the oven. Fumes can create a fire hazard or explosion.
  • Do not use your microwave oven for drying textiles, paper, spices, herbs, wood, flower fruit or other combustible materials. This could result in fire.
  • If material inside / outside the oven should ignite or smoke is observed, keep oven door closed and turn the oven off. Disconnect the power cord or shut off power at the fuse or circuit breaker panel.

  • Do not use your microwave oven for deep-frying, as the oil temperature cannot be controlled.
  • Use hot pads or oven mitts to prevent burns, when touching containers, oven parts, and pan after cooking. Accessible parts may become hot during use; young children should be kept away.
Liquids E.g. beverages or water.

Overheating the liquid beyond boiling point can occur without evidence of bubbling. This could result in a sudden boil over of the hot liquid.

To prevent this possibility the following steps should be taken:

  • Avoid using straight-sided containers with narrow necks.
  • Stir the liquid before placing the container in the oven and let the teaspoon remain in the container.
  • After heating, allow the liquid to stand for a short time, stirring again before carefully removing the container from the oven.
  • Always refer to a microwave cookbook for details, especially, if cooking or reheating food that contains alcohol.
  • After heating baby food or liquids in a baby bottle or in a baby food jar, always stir and check the temperature before serving. This will ensure that the heat is evenly distributed and the risk of scalding or burns can be avoided. Ensure the lid and the teat is removed before heating!
  • DO NOT USE YOUR MICROWAVE oven for cooking or reheating whole eggs with or without shell since they may explode even after microwave heating has ended.

Warm up a cup of water containing drops of lemon for about one minute and the odours are gone.

Microwave radiation is reflected by metal. If too much radiation is directed to one point this will result in sparks, and is likely to damage the microwave oven

For aluminum foil or metal, use only those approved by the manufacturer for use in microwave oven. For plastic wrap, bags, covers, dinnerware or containers, use only those approved by the manufacturer for use in microwave oven. For pottery and clay, follow manufacturer's recommendations. Wax paper is acceptable for use in your microwave. Ceramic glass or glass is acceptable for use in your microwave. For china or earthenware, follow manufacturer's recommendations. For melamine, follow manufacturer's recommendations. Paper towels, paper dinnerware or napkins? Only use those approved by the manufacturer for microwave oven use.

The Crisp function uses three heat sources at the same time. This allows you to use the special crisp plate that maintains a temperature of 210 degrees C (the perfect temperature for crisping). The crisp plate enables you to brown sausages, crisp bacon, produce perfect pizzas and even fry eggs.

Some suggestions for cleaning and caring for stainless steel surfaces: -Use stainless steel cleaner and polish. Visit our accessory shop for WPro products -Use liquid detergent or all-purpose cleaner. Rinse with clean water and dry with soft, lint-free cloth. -Use vinegar for hard water spots Do not use soap-filled scouring pads, abrasive cleaners, Cooktop Polishing Cream, steel-wool pads, gritty wash cloths or some paper towels. Damage can occur.

Microwave Ovens

Enjoy crispy bakes & pizzas and also healthy steamed food with Whirlpool Microwave Ovens. Offered in a range of Solo, Grill and Convection Microwave Ovens surely helps you in enhancing your culinary experience. From Auto Cook Menus, Combi Cooking, Multi- stage cooking, Magic Menus, Steam Technology, 6th Sense Crisp & Bake , 6th Sense Weight Sensor, Weight Defrost, Forced Air/Oven Mode, the features are interesting enough to help you in being more creative, be it experimenting with flavors, textures or spices. Also, a 2 year warranty on Magnetron makes you relaxed about required maintenance, if any, for some time.

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