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6TH SENSE® EnergySaver Technology window

6TH SENSE® EnergySaver

Senses and automatically adjusts the cooling depending on the room temperature, ensuring maximum energy savings.

Turbo Cool window


The advanced MPFI technology with its fusion of a smart circuit design and capillary design, ensures instant comfort and super fast cooling.

MPFI Technology window


The Multi Port Fluid Injection uses a unique 4*4 evaporator circuit design for rapid heat exchange resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power savings.

Sleep Function window


The 6TH SENSE® Sleep function monitors the temperature and maintains the optimum environment for a good sleep at night ensuring that it is comfortable for you.

Keep the high temperatures down with whirlpool window Air Conditioners which offer power-packed performance with high-tech features. The highlights of window ACs are 6TH SENSE® EnergySaver for high energy savings, the Multi Port Fluid Injection technology for efficient cooling and the turbo cool function for super-fast cooling, giving you faster cooling as well as power saving.

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